Why Do People Like The Taste Of Thai Tea The Most?

Thai Tea

It’s no surprise that the name of the menu is “Thai Tea”, a classic Thai drink that is ranked among the most delicious drinks in the world. This kind of thing has to be brewed by yourself. The taste is definitely mouthwatering.

Recently, the popular news site CNN travel conducted a survey of World’s 50 most delicious drinks to rank the 50 most delicious drinks in the world.

thai mlik tea

 The favorite drink menu for Thai people that we have been familiar with for a long time, such as “Thai Iced Tea”, came in at number 27, Khun Kham… A classic drink that we have been familiar with since our grandparents. No matter what alley you go to Any region must meet There are many shops Well, our Thai tea is really delicious, right? the aroma of tea powder Some shops have different secrets. Some people use different brands of tea to mix together. Enough to brew with hot water Add a little sugar, add a little sweetened condensed milk, it’s very smooth. Any country, try it for a gulp and you will be hooked.

thai mlik tea

For those who love iced milk tea from Thailand Can be purchased from the Amazon website. It is a ready-to-mix cold milk tea powder (3 in 1), rich flavor, fragrant Thai tea, easy to brew, just pour the tea in the sachet and mix with hot water, it can be enjoyed immediately with your favorite Thai tea. Refreshing, quenching thirst. Cool down. Drink both hot and cold.

Today we will introduce various types of instant Thai tea drinks. that you can buy for home to drink at any time

But did you notice that Which brand of tea comes from Thailand? Or is it really a niche of Thai people? Or is it just tea that comes from somewhere else? and claiming to be Thai tea put Thai letters to not get the real taste of Thai tea As anyone who has been to Thailand and has tasted

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Good tea, can do many menus The taste of traditional Thai tea for more than 70 years.

For those who want authentic and authentic Thai tea This is a quality Thai tea that has retained its original strong flavor for more than 70 years. The brand has carefully selected the finest tea varieties. When brewed, it will have a mellow taste. has a unique fragrance Whether it’s hot or cold brewed, it’s delicious and refreshing. Plus, they can create a variety of great menus such as Thai tea cakes, Thai tea custards, etc. It is a true Thai tea that is popular among drinkers and vendors selling Thai tea.

sweetened with real milk The smell of Thai tea clearly. soluble in cold water

This is a 3 in 1 Thai tea that has the advantage of being very easy to brew. Because it is Thai tea that can be dissolved in cold water. It saves time in brewing. It also has a strong, authentic taste of Thai tea. The aroma of Thai tea is clearly visible. In addition, Nestea also uses real milk as an ingredient. It helps the taste to be mellow and sweet. More importantly, the brand also uses natural ingredients in the coloring, so this is a Thai tea that is full of flavor, intensity, aroma, color and absolute safety.

Lipton Ice Tea Lemon Flavor Instant Tea Powder Made from 100% fine black tea leaves, selected from the finest tea leaves. mellow taste Comes with quality that is full of good things from nature, a unique identity that has been accepted around the world. with the perfect sweetness from specially selected tea With a mellow sourness, easy to drink, easy to brew in cold water Easy to pick up with sachet packaging. Just tear it and you will get the taste of lemon tea that you really want.

Caffeine Free Drink and sleep well (Caffeine Free)

Contains GABA, good for the nervous system and brain, lowering blood pressure.

Contains phytosterols help reduce cholesterol or fat in the blood

Contains DNJ (DNJ) to help reduce blood sugar levels (diabetes).

It is high in antioxidants and protein.

The benefits of calcium in milk from New Zealand

add anti-oxidants Tea contains 8-10 times more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.

anti cancer More than 3,000 studies have concluded that the compounds in matcha green tea help prevent cancer.

relax nerve Drinking tea can help reduce stress. This is because the tea decreases the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood.

At present, ready-made Thai tea has been developed into 2 main forms according to the brewing method, which are 3 in 1 and the powdered form. Each model will have different strengths as follows.

  • Thai tea or iced tea 3 in 1 will be featured in terms of ease of brewing. because it is a mix of milk and sugar We just unpack the envelope and pour it into a glass. After that, bring hot water Or some brands may use cold water. Pour it along and stir until the iced tea powder is completely dissolved. You will get iced tea or Thai tea that is ready to drink immediately.
  • Thai tea powder for brewing It has a distinctive point in creating the taste of sweetness as desired. If you want it to be very sweet, add a lot of sugar. If you want it to be sweet and fragrant, add a little more milk. Or anyone who needs to control sugar can add less sugar to be safe. but can get the full taste of Thai tea as before